Wow how quick was that? Can you believe it, you’re graduating and thinking what’s next?

This is the SEVENTH step in your student journey and we’re here to get you thinking about – what is beyond study and what awaits you after graduation?!

HINT: Does NOT have to mean this is the end!

step 7 beyond study and graduation continue or return 1 - I want to study in Australia 2 - I want to find a course 3 - Now I have an idea of what and where to study 4 - I want to apply to study 5 - Yeay I'm approved to study 6 - I'm in Australia and studying 7 - Beyond study to graduation

Continue to study, postgraduate work or go back home

Thanks to all the great tips from Stu in the previous 6 steps of your journey,.

You’ve made your dream come true by studying in this amazing country of ours and we loved having you here.

I’m sure you loved the world class education we’ve offered! 

Now you need to decide to continue to study or undertake post graduation work or head back home

what is beyond graduation continue to study work or home

In this seventh step you will seek answers to questions like;

  • how do I continue with further education,
  • how do I undertake post graduation work,
  • I want to go home how can I finish up my student adventure,
  • I’ve worked whilst studying, how can I get my superannuation back before I go back home
  • and more

First Watch Stu’s video

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Your Australian student journey

Now check out the articles that relate to your seventh step in your journey of completing your study.

Or undertaking postgraduate work

Or get ready head back home 🙁

Here’s to the SEVENTH step in your 7 step journey.

(HEY this does NOT have to mean the end of your studies in Australia, we can make it another BEGINNING 🙂 )

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Stu can support you in your Australian student adventure and beyond

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With helpful tips on making the right decision with further study or post graduation work or heading back home.

Links to essentials

Links below are a collection of useful links to better understand options for further study, post graduation work and heading back home.

Further study (more links are coming we promise)

Working after graduation – postgraduate work

  • I want to provide value to all of you and this is still a work in progress but
  • Email – OR WhatsApp – +61 424 099 834 and I can point you in the right direction

Checklist before heading home

Study in another country

  • I want to provide value to all of you and this is still a work in progress but
  • Email – OR WhatsApp – +61 424 099 834 and I can point you in the right direction