Here we go this is your FIRST step in your Australian student journey

step 1 student journey 1 - I want to study in Australia 2 - I want to find a course 3 - Now I have an idea of what and where to study 4 - I want to apply to study 5 - Yeay I'm approved to study 6 - I'm in Australia and studying 7 - Beyond study to graduation
great things about studying Australia

You want to study downunder because you’ve heard great things about Australia.

australians live in coast

Like … How laid back and smart we are. Maybe because 80% of us live close to the coast and enjoy our beaches.

australian inventions wifi

We have many inventions that you use today – for example the WiFi you’re on right now was us

top 100 universities

Great schools in the Top 100 with awesome reputations at a global scale

over 300 languages spoken australia

How very diverse we are culturally and linguistically, speaking over 300 languages at home.

Source of stats: Thanks to the guys at ABS Australian Bureau of Statistics 

Study in Australia to become a true world citizen

study australia become true world citizen

So what better place for you to travel to learn and become a true world citizen that education affords with the help of awesomely diverse Aussies like us!

So in step 1 of your journey we’ll focus on making a decision on why you should study in Australia, as I will help you with topics that cover;

  • the Aussie lifestyle,
  • who we are,
  • our cities,
  • our education system
  • and many more

FIRST Watch both of Stu’s videos below

What were the factors that influenced overseas students to choose Australia?

Stu from Stuzenter that half alien half adventurer, can help answer all of your study questions for education in Australia.

Your Australian student journey

Now check out these articles that relate to your first step in your journey to studying in Australia.

That will convince you that Australia is the RIGHT place for your overseas study.

Here’s to the FIRST step in your 7 step journey.

Articles for Step 1 – Wanting to study in Australia

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Enquire about a course

Only a few straight forward questions that’ll take 90 seconds tops.

Together we can look at what courses you’d like to study, which school and which city you have in mind.

Stu can support you in your Australian student adventure

stu half alien half adventurer from stuzenter

Keep in touch with Stu so he can support you in your journey to study in Australia, with helpful tips that is sure to convince you to choose Australia over others countries.

And then move you into the 2nd step of your journey where we can find you the right course to study.

The 7 Steps of your Australian Student Journey

student journey steps

  1. I want to study in Australia (YOU are on this page right now – I’m so glad you’re thinking of studying here!)
  2. I want to find a course
  3. I have an idea of what to study where and which school to study at
  4. I want to apply to study in Australia
  5. Yeay I’m approved to study in Australia
  6. I’m here now and studying – what do I need to know?
  7. Beyond study / graduation


Below are direct links to search results of courses on our search engine

Broad search terms per state and study level provided to make it easier to understand what you have available downunder Australia.