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7 steps of australian student journey 1 - I want to study in Australia 2 - I want to find a course 3 - Now I have an idea of what and where to study 4 - I want to apply to study 5 - Yeay I'm approved to study 6 - I'm in Australia and studying 7 - Beyond study to graduation

Steps to studying overseas in Australia

Above journey steps is how your mind works

student journey steps

when you’re thinking about studying overseas.

The actual steps in your student journey that gets you ever closer to studying in Australia.

And travel is a big part of your education.

  • You travel because you want to learn another language
  • You travel because you want to expand your mind
  • You travel because you want to develop yourself and get out of your current bubble

What I need you to do now is;

travel to learn so you can finally learn to travel and become a true world citizen that education in a beautiful country like Australia affords.

FIRST Watch Stu’s video “So you’re thinking of coming down to Australia to study”

Stu gives you 5 great reasons on why you should come downunder to Australia and study. | So watch the video and see what they are:

Then Watch Bazza’s video on the same subject | Who do you like better?

Bazza / Barry / Baris delivers these 5 great reasons on why you should come downunder to Australia and study in a different way. | Watch and tell us who you connect with more:

Your Australian Student Journey

student journey 7 steps

Check out the 7 pages below that represent the 7 steps of your Australian student journey.

As this is how I see your journey unfolding (let me know if I’m on the right track)

Tap on images below to explore the part of the Australian student journey you’re currently on …

Step 1 - Study in Australia

step 1 study in australia

1 – Studying in Australia – we chat about courses in Australia for international students, course requirements, education system, Australian cities, Australian student lifestyle and more

Step 2 - Find a course

find course study australia

2 – Finding a course to study in Australia – we chat about cost of the courses that are within your budget, courses that  match your academic profile, courses that match your needs and more

Step 3 - Choose what course to study where

step 3 choose what where to study

3 – What course to study where in Australia? We chat about Australian university profiles,  university rankings, reviews of universities, colleges, accommodation options close to school and many more

Step 4 - Applying to study in Australia

step 4 apply to study australia

4 – Applying to study in Australia – we chat about applying to courses in Australia, cost of courses, possible funding for study, scholarships for international students, Australian government grants for international students and many more

Step 5 - Approved to study in Australia

step 5 approved study australia

5 – Approved to study in Australia – we chat about applying for a student visa, getting a passport, preparing to go, accommodation options and other exciting stuff

Step 6 - Here and studying in Australia

step 6 here studying in australia

6 – Here and studying in Australia – we chat about shopping for food, openning up a bank account, registering for internet, applying for a (TFN) tax file number, finding casual work and many more other interesting questions that will prepare you to have a great time as a student in Australia

Step 7 - Beyond study and graduation

step 7 what beyond study graduation

7 – What is beyond study and after I graduate? We chat about continuing with your education in Australia, undertaking post graduation work, if you’re going home how to finish up your student adventure and other stuff like getting superannuation back if you did work

Enquire about a course

Pop me a quick message.

Only a few straight forward questions that’ll take 90 seconds tops.

So we can get up to a flying start with finding you the RIGHT course at the RIGHT university and or college in Australia.

Stu can support you in your adventure


Keep in touch with Stu so he can support you in your journey to study in Australia and find you the RIGHT course at the RIGHT school.


Below are direct links to search results of courses to study in Australia on our search engine

Broad search terms per state and study level provided to make it easier to understand what you have available downunder.